Following the launch of their award-winning Google Shopping strategy and Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) through its partnership with DQ&A, digital marketing agency NMPi has become the first advertising agency to receive a Premium Google Comparison Shopping Partner Badge by Google.

Earlier this summer, Google expanded its Comparison Shopping Partners programme to encourage several large advertising agencies to get involved. The partner programme now includes over 50 partners but the partner badge is only given to partners that hold the skills and expertise to assist over 100 merchants on their platforms.

NMPi runs its award-winning Google Shopping strategy through official Google Comparison Partner, By Buy Bye, which was developed by its sister company DQ&A, which allows advertisers and agencies to take advantage of Google’s newest partnership and run Shopping campaigns at the 20% discount rate. Brands can, therefore, run successful campaigns on Google Shopping at a significantly lower cost.

Unlike other CSS platforms, which direct traffic to the site first and collect and share that data before they get sent to the merchant site, NMPi passes potential customers directly through to the merchant as soon as someone clicks on their product.

“We are thrilled to be the first advertising agency to receive the Premium Google Comparison Shopping Partner Badge. It is our heritage and depth of understanding of Google’s Shopping capabilities that has allowed us to rapidly scale and provide over 100 leading brands with our technology, consultancy and expertise,” said Luke Judge, CEO of NMPi.

“Overall our campaigns have seen a significant drop in CPCs, averaging a 30% reduction in costs whilst maintaining optimal campaign performance,” continued Judge.

“Hats off to our incredible tech team who moved so rapidly to build a solution to satisfy a new industry demand. Our service helps brands of various sizes to meet their goals in ever more competitive markets,” commented James Sleaford, director of DQ&A UK.

NMPi also won two awards this year for its Google Shopping strategy with Harvey Nichols and received two highly commended accolades at the Performance Marketing Awards.