E-commerce giant Amazon is merging its ad business into a single platform so that advertisers will be able to buy campaigns – whether selling products directly to the site or to its shoppers as third-party sellers – all from one place.

The move comes as the third biggest media partner continues to differentiate how first and third-party sellers manage and purchase campaigns.

In addition, the changes come in a response of criticism around the navigation process around its multiple ad offerings with different divisions for businesses that sell to Amazon and for those selling their own products on the e-commerce site.

As reported on Digiday, Amazon is working on a consolidated platform that will merge all of its campaign reporting and advertising productions – Amazon Media Group, Amazon Marketing Services and Amazon Advertising Products into one place.

With Amazon generating $2.2 billion in its latest quarter, in addition to becoming the biggest spender of programmatic advertising – accounting for 10% share of the top 50 programmatic advertisers – the e-commerce retailer is hoping that the centralisation of its ad business would help advertisers to buy more ads on the platform.

Last month, Amazon was reportedly working directly with advertisers on deals through Amazon Marketing Services – completely cutting out media agencies in the buying process.

With questions around the ad buying process in general, these developments from the e-commerce retailer are clear indications of its response to the advertising industry with Amazon’s CFO Brian Olsavsky highlighting the changes to the ad buying process on its platform are being implemented to make the process more “usable” and “automated”.