Bloomberg Media Group, the global business and financial information and news leader, has launched a new suite of display ad products called ad.apt., which it describes as ‘high-impact’ and ‘cross-screen’.  

According to the company, the new format will deliver tailored solutions for the widest range of unique brand goals and capabilities, using only basic assets from advertisers.

Ad.apt allows video, data and content to be switched on with advertiser’s basic assets like brand images, headline and logo for example and then turns them into one of four ad variations – data, video, Bloomberg-related articles or branding resource. The platform will build the final experience in-house.

Using reader data, the platform customises ads for the users based on their browsing history. The ads are sold direct and programmatically.

Many brands rely on building a distribution and activation plan around certain assets, but the company said in the announcement that the launch will help advertisers become more efficient with their processes.

Bloomberg is also combating publishers reliance on using external ad tech by, for the first time, to measure the ads’ impact using Google Analytics to compare data across the company more easily.

This isn’t the first time a company is trying to overhaul display ads that deliver superior user experiences across a range of brand objectives. Derek Gatts, global head of ad trafficking, technology and product at Bloomberg Media said that its display ad format will “drive more impact in an efficient way” in the hope of meeting the growing need for ad optimisation, based on content, audience and distribution performance.