Social media mobile app Snapchat has announced its partnership with global measurement and data analytics company Nielsen in a bid to broaden its audience targeting capabilities, while also expanding the relationship between the two companies.

According to Nielsen, the integration will allow advertisers to purchase audience data across more than 30,000 segments, such as age, gender and buying behaviours on different platforms, from the likes of Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Nielsen Marketing Cloud and Buyer Insights, which are normally based on offline credit card data.

So, if a Snapchat user purchases a specific item at a retail shop offline and the purchase is logged by Nielsen, advertisers can connect with personalised audience segments, and go on to produce relevant ads.

The news also strengthens Snapchat’s programmatic push, which accounts for the majority of ads (98%) now being bought automatically on the platform.

Discovering audiences that drive engagement and offline sales is crucial for marketers, and the new partnership would allow advertisers to deliver more relevant content to its users.

“This integration with Snapchat will allow partners to plan, activate and analyse marketing initiatives by accessing the highest quality audience data in the market underpinned by Nielsen,” said Jessica Hogue, senior vice president of digital solutions at Nielsen.

Snapchat already works with Nielsen, subscribing to its digital ad rating service to measure mobile video audiences, and lets advertisers measure the effectiveness of its ads through the company.