NMPi has launched its Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) as the agency begins to run its award-winning Google Shopping strategy through By Buy Bye, to allow advertisers and agencies to take advantage of Google’s newest partnership and run Shopping campaigns at the 20% discount rate.

This will enable brands to run more successful campaigns on the Google Shopping platform at a significantly lower cost.

NMPi is an international, digital marketing agency with offices across the globe and is currently the only agency to run Google Shopping on a pure-performance model.

Boosting performance

The addition of Google Comparison Shopping capabilities, NMPi’s range of products allows brands to boost their shopping performance by occupying more of the search engine results page (SERP), increasing share of voice and working to remove competitors off the first page.

Additionally, the agency also helps merchants to drive traffic straight to their site. Unlike other CSS platforms, which direct traffic to the site first and collect and share that data before they get sent to the merchant site, NMPi passes potential customers directly through to the merchant as soon as someone clicks on their product.

“We are delighted to offer a Comparison Shopping Service. The competition between brands for the optimal space on Google Shopping pages is growing everyday and it is important that they are provided with the tools needed to ensure they can increase their shopping performance in the most cost-effective way,” commented Luke Judge, CEO of NMPi.

“By joining forces with DQ&A, we can help our customers to drive maximum value from their Google Shopping campaigns.”