Performance Horizon, provider of the market-leading enterprise SaaS platform for scaling partnerships in private networks has today (July 10) announced its rebrand as ‘Partnerize’, with the name change reflecting the marketplace shift for technology solutions to better manage and optimise partner marketing.

The partnerships category has evolved over the years which now encompasses a number of key sectors such as channel partnerships, loyalty partnerships, referral partnerships and influencers.

Particularly for the market-leading SaaS platform, the last 12 months has seen the company inspire “innovation” and drive “technology” to partnership solutions within the affiliate and performance marketing on an international scale.

Some of those highlights include the development of AI capabilities to support its “growing ecosystem” of clients, expanding its private network, affiliate and partner deals, event conferences across EMEA and its winning prestigious awards including North America – Best Performance Marketing Campaign or Strategy at the International Performance Marketing Awards.

“Our company is ‘all in’ on making it easy for brands to participate in every segment. Our new name makes that really clear,” said Mal Cowley, co-founder and CEO of Partnerize.

“Affiliate continues to be a strong and growing business. But partner marketing has evolved to include many different kinds of partnerships. New companies in many different categories are looking to partner with great brands.”

Partnership perception

Reflecting the growth of the partnership channel, Partnerize surveyed 1,200 business leaders globally and found that 95% currently use performance partnerships - stating that the channel has grown to encompass more forms of business collaboration and a huge share of total online revenue.

Furthermore, 74% of business leaders said performance partnerships were high or very high priority for their business.

Meanwhile, 56% said the channel drive more than 20% of total company sales and 24% said it drives more than 30%.

Based on these findings and company expansion, Partnerize is set to introduce 25 enhancements to its client and partner user experiences over the next two months – creating more intuitive workflows, navigation, simpler payment and conversion tracking – in addition to richer data visualisation, streamlined campaign management and better creative tracking to grow more partnerships quickly and easily.

“Partnership is an incredibly dynamic category, and brands require technology to make the most if it. That means capitalising on every segment. We are helping more than 300 brands do that every day,” said Cowley.