With World Cup fever in the air, advertisers running campaigns during this year’s World Cup are in for a higher chance of reaching the intended target audience compared to the last World Cup in 2014, according to research from data analytics company Nielsen.

Findings show that there was an increase in on target reach within the 18-34 year old female demographic with 56% of ads reaching the target audience – up from 38% during the last World Cup in 2014.

In addition, football was the most popular sport among female audiences with nearly a third of women (31%) interested across 18 marketers globally in 2017.

When it came to the World Cup, Nielsen found that the female aged group of 18-24 were most likely to watch the tournament on TV compared to male audiences aged 35-44.

Nielsen concludes that female audiences are becoming more engaged with the sport, prompting advertisers to re-evaluate their targeting strategies.

“Major events like the World Cup are landmark opportunities for advertisers to extend their reach in new and growing audiences, including women,” commented Barney Farmer, UK commercial director at Nielsen; “World series are highly popular with female audiences: 58% of women find the Women’s World Cup ‘very appealing’. This rises to 70% for the Men’s World Cup. Now is the time for advertisers to capitalise on fans’ attention and make sure they’re reaching female audiences effectively.”