Mobile video consumption in the UK is expected to grow by more than 16% as usage and sales of smartphones increase and app platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram continuing to grow their user bases.

According to eMarketer’s UK Digital and TV forecast report, adults in the UK spend just under an hour per day consuming video content, with almost two-thirds of this time spent on mobile.

It is expected that by the end of the year, users will spend almost 32 minutes a day watching a video on a smartphone.

“Consumers in the UK are watching more digital video content, and more of it on smartphones, than ever before,” said eMarketer’s UK senior analyst Bill Fisher; “What they’re watching is changing slightly, though, with the influence of quality TV programming being keenly felt. We all know about the impact that subscription video-on-demand platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have had on consumer behaviour.”

Advertisers taking on video

These findings follow last month’s reveal from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK and PwC that advertisers spent £476 million on smartphone video, making it the first growing ad format of 2017.

In addition, video advertising was a key contributor to a year-on-year spend increase of 37.4% to £5.2 billion last year.

With consumers becoming more mobile-centric, is it time for advertisers to take on video to capitalise on market share?

Tim Elkington, chief digital officer at the IAB agreed that advertisers are responding to this change and developing more innovative ad products that “fit seamlessly into their environment.”

A separate study from Canada-based influencer platform Influicity predicted that video consumption is to reach 80% of global online traffic by 2020 while the majority (51%) of marketers believe video generates the best ROI when measuring campaigns.