Mobile measurement and solutions specialist TUNE has announced the integration of Apple’s updated Search Ads Attribution API to increase the measurement capabilities if its product – TUNE Marketing Console – which enables marketers to accurately track app installs and optimise ad spend.

Apple’s Search Ads Attribution API will provide additional transparency into conversions, indicating which apps are downloaded or re-downloaded. The data record will then allow marketers using TUNE’s Marketing Console to segment and engage with high intent app users while giving a more accurate indication of the performance of their marketing campaigns.

“Access to this data will enable our customers to measure app re-downloads accurately, then tailor marketing efforts to increase customer retention,” said Peter Hamilton, CEO of TUNE; “It’s a huge win for marketers who want to create bespoke programs capable of deepening connections with customers.”

According to a separate study from TUNE, examining 3.1 billion global ap installs between November 2017 and May 2018, 42% of consumer app installs were in fact reinstalls.

In further research conducted of more than 1,000 smartphone owners, 72% of consumers reinstalled an app for reasons other than a lack of space on their device. In fact, 65% reinstall apps after an intentional app store search.

“Attribution of customer behaviour and engagement is central to how we measure the efficacy of our marketing efforts,” said Steve Lok, global head of martech at The Economist, one of the companies that use TUNE’s Marketing Console.

“With data directly from the App Store we will have a better understanding of our marketing performance and be able to better position our value for customers in the app ecosystem.”