The performance marketing landscape is rapidly evolving, and keeping up to date with current trends and technology remains crucial to success.

Next Tuesday (May 22), experts from mobile analytics and performance marketing platform TUNE and an additional guest expert will be hosting a webinar tackling the current state of the industry and where the next opportunities lie for marketers.

Ahead of the webinar, PerformanceIN caught up with TUNE’s VP of marketing, Brian Marcus, to find out more about what attendees to the free to join the webinar will take away.

First of all, give us a quick overview of what the webinar is about…

Brian Marcus: In April 2018, TUNE and Acceleration Partners surveyed nearly 2,300 performance marketers in the US and the UK who are managing a combined $16.6 billion in annual sales. In this webinar, we’ll discuss what the research reveals about the current performance marketing landscape and highlight strategies and best practices for success in this new era.

Who will be presenting the webinar?

BM: The webinar will be introduced and moderated by John Koetsier, TUNE’s Mobile Mobile Economist. John will interview Robert Glazer, CEO & Founder of Acceleration Partners, and Brian Marcus, VP of Marketing at TUNE, who will share their thoughts on what the research reveals about the evolution of the performance landscape.

It sounds like a broad topic with lots to discuss; are there any key areas of focus?

BM: The primary focus is how traditional performance marketing is expanding to incorporate more partnerships and channels than ever before. We’ll also spend time exploring why brand budgets are moving towards performance models, with the mindset that all marketing should be measurable.

You’ve talked about shifts in brand spend and measurement that will come up. Can you touch on a few of these?

BM: A really interesting insight from the research was that our respondents anticipate a 62% shift in budget from brand to performance channels, which indicates an increased prioritization of driving attributable outcomes in all aspects of marketing. We’ll dive deeper into why and how performance marketing is infiltrating the entire marketing ecosystem, and how marketers can leverage better measurement and tactics to tie their investments to outcomes.

What can attendees expect to take away from the webinar?

BM: Attendees will take away…

1. An overview of our research on the evolving performance marketing landscape, including which verticals, partners, and channels performance marketers are most successfully utilizing.

2. Five key requirements for successful performance marketing.

3. Why having a deep understanding of attribution and performance partnerships is critical to the future growth of marketing.

Finally, when is the webinar, and how can readers sign up?

BM: The webinar is on May 22nd at 10:00 am PT, and readers can sign up here. All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar regardless if they are able to attend at the scheduled time.