1. Six out of 10 consumers now say they are aware of a new data protection law. This has reversed the position from last year when six out of 10 said they were either only slightly aware or had heard nothing about it.

2. 84.3% of organisations in the UK are very or somewhat aware of GDPR, compared to just 46% in 2016.

3. One quarter (25.4%) of businesses are now very prepared for GDPR with a further 61% somewhat prepared, up a combined 30% since 2016.

4. Only one in ten consumers are forgiving about occasional errors in use of their personal information, and nearly the same proportion (8.3%) allow no room for error, saying companies should never make a mistake.

5. The number of consumers who say they are happy to share their data if they trust the company has nearly doubled between 2016 and 2018, from 16% to 30%.

6. Four out of 10 consumers expect their personal data to be used accurately all the time.

7. Only 7% of businesses who say they are very prepared are willing to say that the way they currently keep personal information up-to-date is good enough for GDPR.

8. Only 8% of businesses are confident enough to say that customers completely trust their brand.

Are these what you’d expect?