Berlin-based performance network Belboon and tech provider Ingenious Technologies have announced the launch of a strategic partnership, with both companies ready to offer a joint-managed service for customers looking to grow their private affiliate network.

Following the migration, which began at the start of the year, the two companies will offer “tailored managed services” for customers looking to nurture their network of affiliates with help from experienced account managers.

According to the announcement today (April 26), belboon will provide expertise on the account management side – currently operating around 1,800 partner programmes across 65,000 publishers worldwide – while Ingenious Technologies will provide a white-label platform for its partner to run its entire affiliate business.

“By going with Ingenious, we chose to work with the leading independent marketing technology provider, so that we will be at the forefront with our business functions and technology standards,” Björn Wendler, managing director of belboon GmbH.

“With Ingenious, we get tremendously good tracking, including customer journey analytics, as well as enjoying a significant upgrade to the usability of our marketing platform.”

Belboon is not the first company that has approached Ingenious Technologies with interest in managed marketing services, according to the group’s chairman Christian Kleinsorge, which has so far not been part of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model.

“Partnering with belboon will enable us to complement our core value as an independent technology provider with belboon’s 15 years of experience in the affiliate business. We are confident that this combination will provide exactly the added value that e-commerce players need,” Kleinsorge said.

With one of the leading affiliate networks in the DACH market coming together with a leader in tech provision, the two companies hope the cooperation will provide a solution for customers who are struggling to find, or fund, the industry expertise to run it successfully.

Belboon and Ingenious Technologies plan to present the strategic cooperation at  dmexco 2018.