How long have you been working at TradeTracker?

Nearly one and a half years! Since last September.

What’s your typical day-to-day like?

It varies, which is why I love the role! Normally I’ll get in about 8.30am and have some breakfast, as I look through my emails and begin responding to my lovely clients. Then I will make a to-do list (because I love lists!) and begin working through that. I can have client meetings, calls, deal with invoices queries, analyzing our campaign results, working with bloggers, negotiating offers with our publishers. 

What to do enjoy most about performance marketing?

Compared to other forms of marketing, performance marketing requires results. The results make everyone happy – our clients are happy with their impressions/clicks and of course conversions. The affiliates are happy to receive a commission for their hard work, and even working together to achieve it with Real Attribution. It gives a huge focus on the goals of what the campaign is designed to achieve: for some it’s more brand awareness, hitting a different market, achieving a certain revenue per month, or achieving a set ROI. Each client is different and has different needs, so it’s identifying those and working closely to achieve and exceed the KPIs. And of course, for results which need improving, it’s about working smarter and finding out how to achieve those.

What do you think are some of the key trends happening right now in the industry?

I think the Travel industry is becoming less seasonal – traditionally the sales soar in Q1, however, we’ve seen steady sales year-round and I think travel will be on the up in 2018. It seems smaller holidays are being favoured over one big trip per year.

And some of the key challenges?

Smaller, less well-known brands building enough customer confidence to succeed. This is why publisher types such as cashback and voucher really do help, as they often offer reviews/ratings, which can help establish that initial relationship between brand and customer.

How has affiliate helped shaped the fashion and beauty industry among others?

Affiliate marketing has drastically improved the fashion and beauty customer’s journey, by making purchasing easier and more direct. From the inspirations taken straight from the catwalk, with content sites, blogs and e-mags instantly showing key trends, in clear and accessible ways. The vloggers and influencers are accessible to review and offer their trusted opinion on the best beauty buys and how to apply them. Price comparison sites showing which merchants are selling the pieces at the best price/with the cheapest delivery. Finally, the cashback and voucher sites are helping to save that extra little bit, to ensure value within the fashion and beauty industry.

As well as this, the journey has now become traceable and trackable using conversion path tracking, where the fashion and beauty brands can see who the influencers, assistors and converters are and decide how to better reward them to continue and increase their promotion. 

What’s been your biggest career highlight so far?

Definitely, the first time I was able to speak with an experienced client and answer all their complicated questions about affiliate marketing. Coming fresh into the industry and learning everything from our account director, Wouter, our team, internal training, attending events and talks and reading as much as possible. Initially, I needed to go away and find answers and come back to my clients, but the first time I knew everything was a huge achievement for me. Now, I look forward to complicated questions, and again, if I don’t know things, I’ll be excited to learn.

Aside from the affiliate world, do you have any other interest/hobbies?

I used to play rugby, which I’m keen to get back into – looking for the right club! I used to work at a cocktail bar, which has still remained a huge passion for me. So when I can, I whisk up cocktails for friends and family. Another challenge I’ve taken up this year is 12 books in 12 months, which makes the most of my two hour round trip commute!

Three words that best describe you?

Passionate, creative, organised. 

Best place you’ve travelled to?

New York! I love the glitz and endless things to do. I’m going again in April this year with my mum and sister, I’m very excited!

Lastly, any exciting things in the pipeline for TradeTracker?

Not that I can mention at the moment, but watch this space!