How long have you been working at Vouchercloud?

Just under two years.

What’s your typical day-to-day like?

So for most parts, I’m kind of the go-to between the brands and the company. I do the client services side of things as an account manager.

For the main parts, finding out the brand’s KPIs, what they’re looking to do and exploring different and creative ways to achieve that; negotiating commercials, content etc.

What do you enjoy most about your role and the affiliate marketing industry?

From an industry perspective, I’m a creative-minded person, I like to think outside of the box and do unique and challenging things.

On the networking side, I’m an outgoing guy so having the chance to network and talk to lots of different people, I really enjoy that.

What do you think are some of the key trends happening right now in the industry?

One of the main things I’ve looked at is influencer marketing. I was at PI LIVE last year and there was quite a large presence there. It’s become a new way of reaching millions of people who are really into certain brands and products and what people have to say. It’s just a different approach.

And some of the key challenges?

I think it goes back to the creative side; getting people to take risks and doing something a bit different and outside of their comfort zone. Just a change from the usual services packages out there.

What are your thoughts on Cloud Savings Company’s recent acquisition of Vouchercloud and Giftcloud?

It’s been business as usual between us and our clients. We’ve just had our revamp of the office and we’re really excited for what the future holds. It’s been a strong year for us and I’m looking forward to seeing the company grow.

What’s been your biggest career highlight so far?

It’s hard to nail down specific ones. Last year Q4, I had a really strong period which again narrows down to the strong relationships we have with brands, leading to positive results which everyone was quite happy with.

We’ve had a few nominations for the Performance Marketing Awards on some of the campaigns I worked on. Fingers crossed!

Aside from the affiliate world, do you have any other interest/hobbies?

I love snowboarding…so probably not the best country for it ha! Really enjoy football; I support Liverpool [not sure how controversial that is ha]. Other than that, I’m generally out and about…down at the pub.

Three words that best describe you?

Relaxed, sociable and friendly.

You’re currently based in Bristol, what’s your favourite thing about the city?

It’s a chilled and laid back place. You’ve got the buzz and social side of London but don’t have the involvement of getting to one side from the other. It has the community feel and just a generally awesome place to live in.

Lastly, any exciting things in the pipeline for Vouchercloud this year?

For us at the moment, the four nominations at the PMAs which we’re excited about. Also, we’re moving forward with our sister company Giftcloud, looking at different ways to incentify users to work on brands etc. That’ll be a big step moving forward.