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Meetrics Verifies Viewability Metrics for Video Ads on Facebook

Meetrics Verifies Viewability Metrics for Video Ads on Facebook


Following Facebook’s third-party partnership with Meetrics last December to improve the measurement of metrics in online advertising, advertisers will now be able to evaluate video ad campaigns based on the percentage of viewability and view times.

European ad verification firm Meetrics will now verify viewability metrics for video display ads on Facebook and Instagram, following the partnership made in December.

As a result of the partnership, advertisers will be able to see the percentage of their ads against various viewability thresholds - from the recommended minimum of 50% and two seconds to the maximum of 100% and 10 seconds.

Facebook’s commitment to third-party measurement comes as agencies last year called out that viewability rates on Facebook video campaigns were as low as 20% - way below the average viewability rate of 50% for video ads in general.

“This is really welcome news for advertisers as it will help them make better media planning decisions on Facebook and Instagram, particularly as they can compare how their campaigns performed depending on different minimum viewability thresholds,” said Philip von Hilgers, Meetrics’ CEO and co-founder.

“Trusted validation”

Meetrics’ viewability solution offers a number of KPIs that are not available directly from Facebook and Instagram, enabling advertisers to review and evaluate video ad campaigns based on a higher percentage of viewability and view times of up to 10 seconds. Advertisers can also choose their own and customise measurements for each campaign.

Facebook’s partnership with Meetrics backs the social media platform’s ambitions in the video market space where it is now home to 46% of all branded video ad campaigns. Including Instagram, the social channel controls some 74% of the digital video campaign market.

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Mustafa Mirreh

Mustafa Mirreh

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