Visual content helps draw the eye. It’s a cost-effective way of improving your content marketing strategy and increasing your conversion rates across the board.

And it’s not as hard as you might think — expensive video production is not the only way to up your visual content game.

Here are five types of visual content to help give your brand a boost.

1.  Up-to-date visual landers increase conversions by 80%

The average conversion rate for a landing page is 2.35%, but the very best websites achieve a rate of 11.45% or above — and that’s what you should be aiming for.

Copy is important — but even more important will be the graphics, images, and videos that you choose to incorporate in order to set up your copy for success.

Social media is a perfect place to find inspiration for what visual content is trending right now, as apps like Instagram and Snapchat often mirror the latest aesthetic trends.

Airbnb are one of the finest examples of a brand merging social media aesthetics with their landing page design, as you’ll see below:  

Airbnb landing page

Airbnb Instagram account

Really make sure that your landing page is in-tune with the latest design trends, and it goes without saying — fully mobile-first.

2. Animated videos and graphics – say more with less

A study by the leading video market agency Eyeview showed that adding videos to your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80% — but don’t just chuck in a video for the sake of it. Be strategic about it.

Animated explainer videos and graphics allow you to convey complex information in a much simpler way than text can. It’s for this reason that they are able to increase your conversion rate by 20%.

Moovly lets you create your own explainer videos in less than 15 minutes – that means you can create 28 in a normal working day and 140 in your Monday to Friday week – and offers a free 30-day trial service.

3. Visual product content makes customers want to buy

Your customers are 63% more likely to buy your products if they come armed with a visual client review.

Seeing an image of a ‘real person’ using your products or services is a compelling incentive to click to find out more. It’s a lot more engaging than a sales puff paragraph.

You can add customer product reviews to your website at the click of a button with’s excellent app:

Show off your products best side and let their pictures do the talking and your conversion rates will go up.

4. GIFs – Trust in Dell

Do you have 60,000 words spare? Of course not. But you need not worry because GIFs can clear the space in your diary in just sixty frames. Those are the words of Giphy (which is one of the best free tools available to increase your online engagement) CEO, Alex Chung and the stats show that your customers are listening to him.

This graph from Google Trends maps the interest the world has in GIFs:

Achieving Google’s highest ranking of 100 is a persuasive enough reason to buy into GIFs, but nothing is more powerful than one of the biggest companies on the planet – when Dell added GIFs to their strategy they saw a 109% increase in revenue.

Visit Giphy and add GIFs to your marketing strategy to ramp up your profits.

5. Icons help guide the user

Kansas City jewellery retailer Helzberg Diamonds added an arrow icon to their CTA buttons and saw an increase of 26% in the number of clicks made by their customers.

Icons are small but powerful visual markers that help draw the eye. They are especially great for breaking down complex concepts, or inciting clicks (as above).

Let your icon buttons do the talking for you and your customers will be saying that they want to buy your products.  

If you’re not already employing visual content in your marketing strategy then don’t wait a moment to start. Introduce the five types I’ve mentioned above and you’ll see an instant increase in your conversion rate.