Global retargeting specialist RTB House has bolstered its already large APAC presence with the opening of a new office in Japan.

The firm currently operates and runs campaigns for a number of different brands in almost 70 markets, including Europe, North America and of course Asia and Pacific (APAC); utilising deep learning algorithm technology for purchasing ads through real-time bidding where buyers participate in real-time advertising space auctions.

In the APAC region, RTB House has been working with leading marketing agencies such as Cyber Agent, Dentsu Digital and Medix as the company also looks to expand its workforce in the area.

The company’s revenue has seen significant growth in the region, claiming a six-fold increase (over 140%) since last year.

In addition, the business has provided its retargeting services to several countries in the region, and India and Australia were added to its market portfolio in 2017. Adding Japan to its operations, sees RTB establish itself within a country ranked fourth in worldwide e-commerce consumptions and nearly 94% of internet penetration from online consumers in the country alone.

“Establishing ourselves in the APAC region over the last couple years, the time has come to extend our retargeting services to Japan,” said Jakub Ratajczak, managing director APAC at RTB House.

Elaborating on its algorithms and plans in Japan, Ratajczak says that by offering a unique and flexible retargeting solution, the company would like to “help e-commerce players reach the most promising buyers, higher returns on their online marketing and advertising investments.”

RTB House is just one of several companies touting this technology which has been claimed to be the solution in marketing efficiency. However a few areas according to our recent feature on artificial intelligence and machine learning are having a divided opinion on its distinction and whether it is just ‘flavour of the month’ in the industry.