Leading location-based mobile platform, Verve, has expanded its programmatic mobile solution to UK and international advertisers through Rubicon Project’s leading Orders platform.

With mobile driving programmatic trading spend in the UK, reaching £3.39 billion in 2017, Verve has set its sights on capturing a slice of the market share with its platform expansion – Premium Programmatic Mobile solution. The tool will allow advertisers to capture premium audiences in-app during specific moments, using accurate and precise location data and movements.

In addition, the in-app inventory will offer national and regional publishers private marketplace and programmatic guarantee – both accessible via Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs).

The expansion from Verve comes at a time of huge demand from advertisers to automate the delivery of programmatic ad campaigns in app and at scale. A recent study found that consumers spend 81% of mobile internet time within premium apps.

“Programmatic campaigns thrive on high quality data, and what’s better placed than the clean and relevant user data derived from location intelligence,” said Ian James, general manager of international at Verve; “The more information provided within the automated transaction, the higher chances of premium audiences being reached, and driving uplift in campaign performance.”

Secure programmatic

The Premium Programmatic Mobile solution according to Verve has a brand safety guarantee, allowing the passing through of data to enable advertisers to verify programmatic spend via their preferred third-party measurement provider.

100% visibility and control will also be available to both advertisers and buyers, guiding performance, optimisation and security of programmatic campaigns in one place.

“Brand advertisers are looking for both quality and safety when it comes to mobile programmatic. The private marketplace opportunity offered through the Verve marketplace provides just that; quality data, flowing safely through the programmatic pipes.” commented Steve Wing, managing director UK, Ireland & Nordics at Rubicon Project.