Social media management platform, Hootsuite, has introduced new features to the Instagram application programming interface (API), including the option for businesses to schedule and publish posts through the Hootsuite platform.

Instagram is the fastest growing social network on Hootsuite with more than two million photos and videos shared every month via the management platform. As part of its deeper integration with the social network, companies can schedule and post content directly through their dashboard as well as viewing posts they’ve been tagged and other branded profiles.

“Scheduling and publishing of Instagram content has been the number one request for our 16 million customers,” said Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite. “Now, they can manage large volumes of content, multiple team members, and multiple Instagram accounts with ease and security.”

The news follows on from Hootsuite’s recent developments last year to the Instagram API to allow marketers access to valuable insights to keep track of their organic content and overall performance via the social media app.

Algorithm changes

While this news may appear positive for marketers, it comes amid hot discussion around Facebook (owner of Instagram) making tweaks to its algorithm in prioritising personalised content over sponsored posts from businesses.

As a direct result of the matter which has been said to end organic reach as we know it, marketer’s are being advised to turn towards influencers as they tailor content on a personal level while building connections with users organically.

So taking into the account the growth of Instagram and both users and influencers using the social media app, marketers can potentially retarget their content strategy through the help of influencers to post more organically capable posts to their audience.

Social media marketing platform Klear recently reported that influencer marketing grew by 198% in 2017, driven by a record increase in promotional Instagram posts – reaching over 1.5 million worldwide.

Aided by the updates Instagram API on Hootsuite to better value insights and measuring performance accordingly.