Two of the leading cross-industry standards bodies in the UK and US are set to align several key initiatives to tackle some of ongoing issues within the digital advertising space while improving overall transparency.

The move, which marks a year since P&G’s Mark Pritchard made the headlines by branding media transparency as “murky at best”, will see UK’s independent body JICWEBS and US body Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) merging some of their schemes; the latter continuing to lead on brand safety efforts while its programme will be rolled into TAG’s Certified Against Fraud by the end of 2018.

Brands in the UK can also endorse for TAG’s certified initiatives in malware and privacy as the body continues it’s long-term fight with ad fraud.

JICWEBS has been on the case in dealing with ad fraud within the online advertising industry with a total of 72 companies receiving certification of brand safety and anti-fraud. The merge with TAG looks to further its offering to advertisers from both sides of the pond.

“By working together, TAG and JICWEBS can ensure that UK advertisers have a clear and consistent approach to building brand safety while fighting fraud, malware, and piracy,” said Mike Zaneis, president and CEO of TAG.

“By reducing redundancy and harmonising the existing efforts, TAG and JICWEBS will be able to expand their efforts, increase adoption, and further protect the digital supply chain worldwide.”

Fraudulent decline

Despite issues with ad fraud and advertiser plead for better transparency within programmatic advertising, there’s been some noticeable reduction in fraud. A recent study found the use of TAG certified distribution channels had reduced fraudulent advertising by more than 83%.

Impact Radius communications director, Julia Smith, was also adamant on the prospects of cutting down ad fraud with the likes of JICWEBs and TAG making vital moments in aid of advertisers.

According to research from QueryClick, advertisers are supporting the increased regulation from industry bodies to combat ad fraud; 85% of advertisers agreeing to be a positive impact to digital advertising.

“Increased collaboration between government and industry bodies, across the world, is positive news for brands who are exposed to the fraud, and the publishers who are being unwittingly implicated.” said Chris Liversidge, QueryClick’s managing director.