With 2017 coming to a close, we look back at some of the key articles on PerformanceIN in a series of top 10 ‘traffic drivers’.

Programmatic has been on many agenda over the last 12 months from blockchain technologies to its ongoing criticism towards transparency. Here’s a roundup of some of top articles on programmatic.

Programmatic Faces Crisis of Trust Following Times’ Terror Funding Report – February

The placing of ads alongside extremist content was a key discussion around programmatic with a number of household advertisers withdrawing their ads from automated placement. The Times investigated into the issue and found hundreds of large companies, universities and charities have been inadvertently funding sites featuring exploitive content through automated ad placement.

The Trade Desk on How Audio Will Scale Programmatic – March

Aside from the controversial view of programmatic, there’s been some exciting development in supporting the digital channel. Earlier in 2017, PerformanceIN spoke to Tim Sims, VP of inventory partnerships at The Trade Desk on how audio advertising was scaling programmatic with Sims highlighting the medium becoming more “precise, relevant and easy” to scale.

Programmatic Marketers Must Learn How to Blend Data with Design – March

Content and PR Manager Kate Rogerson at Divido criticised marketers for neglecting the design of their ads, often bringing this element too late in the decision making process. Rogerson then highlighted the importance of combining insightful data with the art of design to create tailored ads to target the right audiences effectively.

Skimlinks Makes Millions of Shoppers Available for Product-Level Programmatic – May

Forming parts of its audience data, content monetisation company Skimlinks expanded the availability of its data reach, revealing pre-purchase intent at a product level – allowing advertisers and agencies to target consumers by the products they’re seeking.

Programmatic Conquers Mobile Native Advertising – June

Kicking off the predictions for programmatic next year, Glispa Global Group’s senior director of business development, Ashwin Shekhar predicted a major shift in adoption rates by the end of 2017 – making programmatic and native ads standard practice.

Can Blockchain Technology Fix Programmatic Transparency? – July

MeduaSense’s Jon Bradshaw touched on the revelation of blockchain technology which provided a level of audit and transaction following research that 48% of digital media spend disappeared into supply-chain rather than actual media.

AppNexus and Media iQ Grow Programmatic Ad Business over 100% – August

In a summer move this year, following seven years of commercial collaboration, ad tech company AppNexus and analytics tech firm Media iQ grew their programmatic advertising business over 100%, driving total revenue up to $250 million.

The Advantage of Getting Creative with Programmatic – September

Programmatic has brought some benefits (data-driven targeting, low-cost inventory) and drawbacks (latency and uninspired creative) to the digital advertising space. Emir Teffaha, UK commercial director at Sublime Skinz went through some of those drivers responsible for the evolution of programmatic over the past 12 months.

Advertisers Slam “Broken” Agency Model for Lack of Pace with Programmatic – November

In one of the most talkative points within programmatic this year in relation to advertisers and media buying agencies, many criticised agencies for not adapting enough to the channel and have called for a “radical overhaul” of the agency model itself. With research findings to back this, what could the future possible hold for buying inventory within the programmatic advertising?

Four Reasons To Be Optimistic About Programmatic – December

The programmatic channel has come under criticism with brand safety, transparency and ROI coming out on top. However, with 2018 on the horizon, Joey Henderson from Avocet encourages advertisers to be optimistic with talent, innovation and in-housing as ideal solutions going into the channel next year.