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Brands to Take Programmatic Media Buying In-House by 2022

Brands to Take Programmatic Media Buying In-House by 2022


Marketers make the move as they continue to demand greater transparency.

A growing number of brands are taking greater control of their programmatic buying activities with 62% set to bring media buying in-house by 2022.

According to a poll from Adobe of 60 brands and media agencies in the UK, France, Germany, Benelux and the Nordic countries, 86% of marketers and 89% of media agencies are planning to spend more on programmatic media buying in 2018 with the computer software company hinting a “watershed year” for automated media buying.

Greater control

With marketers vowing to take matters into their own hands, 62% stated they would take all of their programmatic media buying in-house by 2022, while 38% said they will take their time making the move over the next five years.

Adobe’s findings follow from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) report that more than 35% of brands have already expanded their programmatic media buying capabilities in-house as they demand greater transparency.

“They’re making important changes to their programmatic buying practices to address media transparency concerns,” said Bob Liodice, chief executive of the ANA.

“Specifically, they’re moving sensitive responsibilities in-house and enhancing decision making by better understanding their costs and media investment transactions.”

“Broken” agency model

This move to take media buying capabilities in-house comes as no surprise as many brands continue to criticise the agency model within the programmatic space. Infectious Media last month found media agencies are struggling to adapt to programmatic, with 74% of advertisers claiming agencies are failing when it comes to reporting and measuring data.

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