Ad tech startup and influencer platform Zyper, founded by former “Made In Chelsea” star Amber Atherton has reportedly closed the second half of its seed round, bringing its total funding to £1.2 billion – up from £750,000 collected in September.

Helping brands reach out to micro-influencers, Zyper lets advertisers identify top influencers and advocates with between 500 – 1,000 followers on various social platforms. Brands can then invite individuals to join their affiliate marketing campaigns in conjunction with user-generated ad content posted in return for rewards and other incentives.


This process is formed in two parts: a B2B dashboard for brand managers to set up, run and monitor affiliate campaigns while identifying target specific micro-influencers. The other is a B2C app for influencers to be invited to join campaigns, letting them track the campaign itself, what content to post and when and any rewards they receive in return from posting.

“We help brands identify their top 1% of brand fans and turn them into a community of active brand advocates to create high quality user generated content [UGC] at scale and uplift market voice,” said Atherton.

“We’re changing the public’s attitude towards targeted advertising and giving brand’s a new way to market with their customers instead of to them,” she added.

Zypher’s existing clients include brands such as Walgreens, Godiva, McVities and Bloom & Wild. In addition, the startup has signed as a global supplier to Unilever and has striked a partnership with WPP-owned Wavemaker to work with the company’s clients.

Following closure of its second seed, the ad tech startup has received backing from investors including Downing Ventures,, Propercorn and more to push its dynamic platform within the influencer marketing industry – providing both a profitable and measurable solution for both advertisers and influencers when it comes to affiliate campaigns and commissioning content.

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