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PI Predictions: Video Optimisation to Be “Mastered” on Social Platforms

PI Predictions: Video Optimisation to Be “Mastered” on Social Platforms


In preparation for the new year, PerformanceIN continues its annual tradition of connecting with performance marketing experts to get their single biggest prediction for the industry in 2018.

In this piece, Rob Kabrovski, VP of Accounts at Adaptly shares his thoughts on video optimisation and how this will be mastered on social platforms in 2018.

All those predictions about the importance of social video have certainly been accurate, and we know the growth of the medium is set to continue apace in 2018 – with UK spend on video ads alone forecast to hit £1.8 billion, up by 16% on 2017.

Our predictions, therefore, are to do with video campaign optimisation.

Every day the average user on social scrolls through hundreds of feet of content at lightning speed. According to one lot of research, viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it in video and only 10% when they see something in text. Another study found that people can recall mobile news feed content at a statistically significant rate after only 0.25 seconds of exposure.

What happened in 2017 was that many creative and media agencies struggled to not only create the thousands of video assets their clients needed but then to A/B test them to find out what works best.

So in 2018, amid this increasingly complex social media ecosystem, there will be a rise in demand from brands for advice in how to master best practices for creating video for social platforms and optimising their large-scale campaigns.

The trend we’ve identified is for video to really focus on breaking through to consumers in just five or six seconds. It might sound intimidating for creatives, but we firmly believe that by using real-time insights and giving clients first-mover advantage, creating effective campaigns doesn’t need to rely on planets aligning or alchemical miracles.

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