Apple has launched a pay-per-install advertising tool called Search Ads Basic, aimed at helping smaller app developers acquire users.

The product is a build on from existing product Search Ads which was introduced to help developers better target their users using specific information, such as location, gender, keywords and app installation. Developers would then target ads through a campaign which would appear at the top of the App Store search results when users searched for a keyword or term.

Auction system

At the time of launch last year, where developers would target paid ad placements to users when they tapped on them via the App Store, the product operated through an auction with no minimums or exclusives, resulting in ads clicked by users being rotated based on relevance (keywords, reviews, downloads).

Since then, the product has been used by developers as a method to increase their app exposure. According to Apple, the product’s conversion rates have been steady at over 50% while cost per acquisition has been below $1.50, lower than average compared to other platforms.

Simpler process

Apple Inc claims that the new product has been designed for a much “simpler process” when it comes to targeting users and ads. Developers need only to enter the ads for the app advertised, the budget and amount they want to pay per install.

In addition, developers would also have direct access to Apple’s App Store data for more accurate and tailored ads to users. The product respects user privacy where it prevents from building specific profiles on individuals users for targeting purposes.

Higher chart ranking

Despite the pros for developers using Search Ads Basic, using the product can potentially lead to a higher chart ranking. What this means according to Apple is that the algorithm used takes into consideration factors such as the number of apps downloaded, resulting an install from the Search Ads Basic itself deemed a “high quality” download which is then counted towards the app’s existing chart position.

Furthermore, there are no limitations on the size of the developer or type of app who can use the product meaning smaller companies who have yet to use this opportunity could be outdone by larger companies who may already have apps available in the App Store and ranking chart.