Founded in 2008 by Marc Majewski, data performance agency advanced store provides scalable campaigns with a “Full Service” – thanks to its own flexible technologies capable of leading customers from conception to success on a performance-oriented basis.

Now focusing its attention towards product ad4mat, advanced store continues to push forward programmatic advertising, offering both advertisers and publishers effective solutions for them to achieve profitable results.

We talk advanced store’s CEO, Marc Majewski, on the company’s progress so far and what to expect from ad4mat going into 2018.

First of all, how do you ensure your promise of “Full Service”?

Marc Majewski: To be capable of full service you require a successful remarketing and retargeting strategy. ad4mat, our product for performance display, allows advertisers and publishers worldwide to achieve extraordinary revenues. And just like ad4mat one, our preeminent DSP (Demand Side Platform), the data marketplace advanced audience is 100% geared towards increasing online sales. All with one clear objective: more sales for our customers. It further is beyond doubt that digital marketing is a global phenomenon. Which is why we are not just active in Germany, but are also in international markets. Around the world, we are now involved in more than 140 countries.

What are the main benefits for brands when working with advanced store?

MM: We have more than ten years of experience in performance marketing and we know what matters. Whether it is our team, our own proprietary technologies or operational campaign management, we always focus on the customer’s CPO (Cost per Order). This allows us to efficiently meet the specific goals set by our customers. And as it is not enough to have just one way to get there, we are happy to pursue multiple ways at once: display marketing, behavioural retargeting, native ads or social media channels.

Taking account of their various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), we work together with our customers to flexibly elaborate and pursue the strategy that is best for their specific needs. Depending on the campaign objective, a variety of wide-ranging targeting options are available. Beyond the usual targeting tools based on geo targeting, interest groups, age etc., we can also take advantage of user profiles from the e-commerce sector. For advanced audience, our Big Data guys have developed a specialised algorithm that processes either data gathered by you or third-party-intent and -interest data. This is the most pinpoint accurate way of targeting potential buyers.

How have you kept in line with emerging trends over the last year?

MM: But we are more than a powerhouse for ideas, and particularly value flexibility and know-how. Unlike other marketing agencies, we use technologies developed by ourselves. This allows us to quickly react to new developments. And our numbers speak for themselves: We are currently generating more than 50,000 commercial transactions per month for our customers. We also don’t hide behind our laptops – no, we go out there and attend all of the world’s key marketing events and trade shows, such as DMEXCO, Online Marketing Rockstars and PI LIVE. This gives us a better feel for the aspirations and interests of our customers, allows us to make new connections, inspires us and lets us always be a cut above the rest.

What improvements are you looking to make within the next year?

MM: ad4mat one, our DSP for performance display advertising, is constantly refined. For instance, we will soon offer weather-based targeting which takes temperature and precipitation into account. Also, with the newly developed ad4mat MagicTag, we will focus on a quick and easy way to integrate tracking and retargeting pixels. Along with image ads and HTML ads, a full support of native ads completes the package. We are also working on improving the technical procedures within advanced audience, our innovative data marketplace.

Of course, our audience data will still be updated every hour, but we will also enable a self-service data modelling functionality for the advertiser. In other words, the advertiser will be able to put together data sets and categories tailored to their products and target audience. Just as with our preconfigured categories, a distinction between intent and interest data can be set. So, great things are happening for our advertisers. But we haven’t forgotten our publishers, either. What it comes down to is that they will generate more revenues. Setting up our own ad4mat SSP and introducing the ad4mat MagicTag, has facilitated the work of our publishers immensely.

Look out for ad4mat’s guide to Retargeting next week, the final instalment of the Advertiser’s Guide to 2017.