Global data technology company Blis is beta launching an analytics tool – Smart Trends – that allows marketers to assess consumer behaviour on a number of measurements, such as audience profiling, exposure, attribution and mobile movement data.

“Robust insights”

Blis is stating the analytics tool will provide marketers more refined insights of consumers behavioural habits and in-store comparisons of multiple location types and brands, allowing them to break down demographic, time of day, device type and comparing behaviour of user groups side by side.

Smart Trends is powered by movement data, a passively collected data set that overlays device ID, longitude and latitude, and timestamp data. This passive data set is then merged with a wide range of behavioural data to create a more comprehensive consumer profile, thus exceeding the scope of traditional location data in that it represents a consumer’s movement patterns over a period of time.

“Mobile movement data provided by Smart Trends plays a pivotal role in allowing brands to gain a fuller, richer view of their customers, such as where they go and how they interact with competitive brands,” commented Greg Isbister, CEO & Founder of Blis.

Benefit for marketers

Marketers can use the data gathered from Smart Trends to gain a factual perspective of their competitive marketplace. For instance, while marketers generally have good insight on how their consumers interact with their own brands, they lack the ability to understand how their consumers behave when they’re shopping with competitors, or even their more general day-to- day behaviours. Smart Trends fills those gaps, ultimately enabling more effective campaign planning, delivery and attribution in order to deliver competitive advantage.

“These insights can be used to make game changing strategic decisions about products they carry, store location and advertising campaigns,” Isbister concluded.