Video is growing at a rapid rate, with just under three-quarters of consumers now watching video content on a daily basis. In 2017 video surpassed banner ads as the fast display advertising format, accounting for 35% of all display advertising spend.

Publishers and advertisers with their finger on the pulse are exploiting the market, but there are still significant challenges; common formats such as pre-roll are blocked – or at least condemned as intrusive – while less aggressive formats are victim to low engagement rates and poor viewability.

Exploring the ever-growing channel, Max Pepe, VP of Marketing at Mozoo looks into the pros and cons of video today, citing a number of forward-thinking people already utilising the display advertising format to great success.

Watch out for:

  • “Mouth watering” stats about video
  • Challenges faced with the display ad platform
  • Four top tips in developing a sound video strategy