How long have you been in your current role as creator community manager for Social Circle?

I’ve been with the company for one year and one day exactly!

In one sentence, describe your role…

As creator community manager, I work closely with the creator liaisons in the company. Their role is to get Creators signed up to our platform – my role is to look after them once they are on-board. With anything from answering Creator questions, to creating valuable content for them to learn from, I keep them as my priority and I always put them first.

How did you get into performance marketing?

I began as a YouTuber over 10 years ago, in 2007. From there, I would make videos, learn how to edit, and build my own community. One of my videos went viral in Japan, which lead to a career as a performer over there while I was 14. Following that, I set up my own fashion business, and continue to make videos to this day. I made the move from my hometown on the Isle of Man to the busy, contrasting life of London last year, and I joined Social Circle on a part-time basis so that I could continue to nurture both sides of my career – both Social Circle’s Beckii Flint, and the Internet’s Beckii Cruel, so to speak.

What about your job gets you out of bed in the morning?

Having had difficulties working with brands and industry professionals when working exclusively as a Creator, it is incredibly fulfilling for me to be able to set a precedent for enhanced Creator respect, and actively make changes within the industry to ensure both sides can get the most out of working together.

What are your best networking icebreakers?

It’s different for me – usually if it’s a YouTube event, I’ll ask them if they make videos. YouTubers love to chat, so usually that’s all it takes to get the conversation rolling!

What keeps you awake at night? 

I don’t lose sleep because I’ve never found that allowing stress to get to me helps with anything. I’ve been working from an early age and so I find compartmentalising my professional life fairly easy – which helps me to keep calm on the job.

What’s your biggest career milestone?

For me, I was proudest when I was able to plan and implement our booth at the biggest YouTube event in the UK, Summer in the City. It was a real experience to plan out the scheme of the booth, and the activities and activations we held there. Even though I ended up becoming ill on the first day of the event, due to proper planning the booth ran exactly to plan all weekend even without my presence, and I couldn’t have been prouder and more grateful for our whole team pulling together.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, you would…

Buy a property in London. It might be the only possible way our generation ever can!