Leading in-feed native advertising platform ADYOULIKE has announced a new partnership with Tabmo, the first mobile creative demand-side platform (DSP) for video, native and display advertising.

The integration will see both brands join forces to target customers with more personalised native ads on mobile devices, combining Tabmo’s existing DSP and sell-side platform to help marketers who utilise mobile to gain access to expanded inventory.

“This partnership is a big step for us in terms of accessing new mobile demand for our publishers, while expanding our own footprint across the advertising ecosystem,” said Francis Turner, managing director at ADYOULIKE.

AI-driven technology

According to research by ADYOULIKE, around 92% of marketers believe that Artificial Intelligence can assist in leveraging context of a page to optimise native advertising, resulting in a more optimal and less intrusive online experience.

Through ADYOULIKE’s native AI system and Tabmo’s unique demand, native ads will be served to the right customers, in the right context and in a brand safe environment.

“With 80% of online time being spent on mobile devices, it’s a critical space for advertisers to master, with its own unique set of challenges,” Turner continued.

“Native advertising is specifically poised to be the dominant format for mobile, as it naturally integrates into smaller screen size, without distracting users.”