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Google and Salesforce Announce Cloud Partnership for Advertisers

Google and Salesforce Announce Cloud Partnership for Advertisers


The industry leaders’ collaboration aims to drive more data and productivity in its services.

Multi-national ad tech Google is partnering up with cloud-computing company Salesforce to increase its presence in the cloud software space.

The move aims to increase the transparency of customer data collected across a number of platforms and drive better value for advertisers who invest in such services.

According to the company’s partnership with Salesforce, this will be carried out in two parts: firstly, using Google’s Cloud Platform as a main cloud provider to gather marketing, sales and advertising data. Secondly, a number of existing platforms, such as Salesforce’s CRM platform and Google’s G Suite will be integrated to provide further support and options for customers who use them.

More data for advertisers

What does this mean for advertisers? In principle, those who use either G Suite or Salesforce will be able to access additional tools and information from both platforms. For example, advertisers using Salesforce could access customer data from Google to better match their activity and communications, understanding different trends and habits from users online which in return can be used to create targeted sales and more effective ad campaigns.

From a SEO perspective, the integration of Salesforce and Google Analytics could form more optimal data for advertisers, allowing them to gain broader insights on customer activity online, including number of visits to websites, number of clicks to ads and search engine results.

"This partnership is natural; Salesforce CRM and G Suite together will let teams work more productively,” said Diane Greene chief executive of Google Cloud.

“We are also thrilled to have Salesforce announce that their core services will run on our Cloud, and that Salesforce’s Sales and Marketing Clouds will be powering better insights with Google Analytics 360, which is also built on Google Cloud. This will all be a big win for our customers and partners," she said.

In terms of integration and their availability, the majority of the products between G Suite and Salesforce will roll out in the first quarter of 2018.

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Mustafa Mirreh

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