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Coffee Qs: Benatun Osborne, Sales Development Associate at Impact Radius

Coffee Qs: Benatun Osborne, Sales Development Associate at Impact Radius


In our new series of question and answer features, Coffee Qs, we put a spotlight on the industry's rising stars and talented performance marketers.

How long have you been in your current role/company?  

18 months. Impact Radius is my first role in the industry.

In one sentence, describe your role...

Engaging prospects through from the first contact, to guiding them through the sales process and culminating in building a successful partnership. My role is to create opportunities for the sales team to close and the customer success team to support.

How did you get into performance marketing?

When I moved  from Oxford to London, I was recommended to look into performance marketing roles after talking through options with people about what would best suit me.  Too often, performance marketing is viewed as the poorer relation to display or offline and yet it has such a significant impact on real revenue and generates direct, trackable customers.

What about your job gets you out of bed in the morning?

The great people I work with and the game-changing product that we have, which genuinely improves the marketing efforts of the many people I talk to daily.

What excites you about performance marketing?

That it's open to everyone. Anyone with a blog that brings together a group of people can capitalise on the opportunity. Alongside that, Advertisers can really narrow down what group of customers they are wanting to attract and market directly to those. It just works. Fact!

What’s been your biggest career learning curve?

The digital ecosystem is a complicated beast! There are so many different agencies, platforms, media partners, publishers, networks and so on that are all intertwined and plugged in with each other.  It can take a while to figure it all out.

What keeps you awake at night?

Being sober! Or a more serious answer would be: Not having enough money to support myself and those dependent on me.

What’s your biggest career milestone?

I became the most successful BDR in the EMEA history, through creating the most amount of opportunities and revenue sourced within Impact Radius. I am incredibly proud of this.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, you would…

I would follow the Formula One World Championship in 2018 around the world. It would be all expenses paid and include full pit passes to all the races, in between local sight seeing.  That’s the dream!

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