Independent marketing agency Tomorrow TTH has announced a partnership with customer engagement platform and Mapp to drive relevant media ads to customers, while complementing its existing advertising and performance offering.

The collaboration between the digital groups, showcased at the international performance marketing show PI LIVE from October 24-25, will enable clients to deliver effective ads to new prospects while taking a more “data-driven approach” to omni-channel marketing.

Tomorrow TTH offers a wide range of performance media services and work with a number of household brands, including, Amazon, Speedo, Game and Time Inc. and managing programmatic display advertising, paid social and paid search.

“Right place, right time”

“Our partnership with the Mapp and its integrated DMP ensures we reach consumers in the right place, at the right time, with the right message,” Justin Thomas, director at Tomorrow TTH.

The integration with Mapp will help to drive media opportunities and improve customer data matching. This will include Mapp’s Data Management Platform (DMP) and biddable media service which integrates into Tomorrow TTH’s “adgnosis” methodology and technology stack, complementing its existing customer tracking solution.

“Data and, most importantly the business practices and processes that enable us to collect high quality data, are the keys to creating a successful marketing strategy in the long term,” Justin added.

Matt Langie, chief marketing officer at Mapp, commented “Our partnership with Tomorrow TTH highlights the fact that Mapp is not just a provider of technology, but a global strategic partner that enables businesses to drive growth and success.

“It is that magic combination that generates great results for our clients, whether they are brands or agencies, campaign after campaign.”