Join an audience with’s director of international operations, Philip Keckeis, for a virtual masterclass on unlocking the full power of your attribution strategy.

The free-to-attend webinar, entitled “How to Access Content, Native & Influencers with Attribution”, takes place on Thursday, October 12 at 14:30 GMT, and follows the launch of the network’s pioneering Real Attribution technology.

In a 30-minute presentation followed by audience questions, Keckeis will address the oversight of the last click in terms of crediting the value of long-tail publishers and how incentivise a new pool of publishers to promote your brand.

“A change of mindset”

“During the webinar we will discuss how many advertisers are currently looking at assigning their marketing budgets to different teams and channels, where it’s always the same challenge and question asked: am I spending my marketing budget in the right channels and do I have access to all channels at hand to generate the optimal number of sales?,” said Keckeis.

“We’ll address a change in mindset which is required for brands – that all online advertising is ultimately financed from the company’s profits. Why isn’t the spend per channel directly related to it, yet?”

In true conference style, those joining the webinar will be able to pitch their questions to Keckeis and PerformanceIN throughout, with ample time allotted at the end of the presentation for those who prefer to leave their questions last.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, October 12 at 14:30 GMT; spaces are free but limited and are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Click here to register your place, and receive a reminder to join us ahead of the webinar. Those who sign up, but cannot attend the webinar on the day, will receive a recording of the webinar to their inbox. is Headline Sponsor of PI LIVE, the year’s biggest performance marketing-exclusive event. Find out more here