The latest guest in our Coffee Qs series is Ben O’Mahoney, account manager at Sociomantic Labs.

How long have you been in your current role at Sociomantic Labs, Ben?

Ben O’Mahoney: I’ve been at Sociomantic Labs for a year now – don’t let the picture fool you, I love it!

Could you describe your role for us in one sentence?

BO: As part of the client services team, I manage the relationship between Sociomantic and dunnhumby, in relation to the shared proposition of connecting in-store purchase data with online behavioural data, and working with the wider commercial team at dunnhumby to activate campaigns and develop the proposition.

How did you get into performance marketing?

BO: Having previously worked in mobile advertising (and being a bit of a tech geek at heart), I was intrigued by programmatic technologies and how ad tech companies were developing cutting edge tech to meet the demands of this rapidly growing market. After taking six months to see the other side of the world, I returned knowing that my next role needed to be within a company that could teach me the most about programmatic in this space; I wanted to learn from the inside, from behind the scenes, and just so happened to find the perfect role within Sociomantic to do so.

What about your job gets you out of bed in the morning?

BO: The unique position I find myself in at Sociomantic means I am privy to the innovative ways Sociomantic and dunnhumby build customised solutions for clients depending on their needs. From segmenting customers based on past in-store purchases to using these audience segments to bid on media and personalise a display ad in real-time, I’m keen to see where else this collaboration is headed and how it’s shaping the industry. I feel I have a real purpose and responsibility within my role, which has provided me with countless opportunities. Plus, I love working with my team, who not only are like-minded and driven in their careers, but also crack me up on a daily basis!  

What’s your biggest career milestone?

BO: I would say landing my first job in media, mainly because it was the first door that opened up the breadth of opportunities for me, in what I consider to be one of the best industries to work in. At the time, I was pretty out of my depth but worked hard and persevered in securing a position which ultimately helped me get where I am today.  

What would be your top tip for newcomers to the industry?

BO: Take your time in learning the ins and outs of this industry, because there is a lot to learn and it’s constantly evolving. Networking and building relationships will be key to your development, not just within your role but also in getting to understand the various aspects of the industry, from supply side to demand side, from online to offline, from publisher to advertiser and ultimately, to the customer – the centre piece of this entire industry.

If you could meet one famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

BO: Sergio Garcia. I’ve been an avid golfer my whole life and he was one of my heroes growing up. On top of being an insanely good golfer, he seems to be a real character and a bit of a joker who doesn’t take the game too seriously. He also recently won his first major after nearly 20 years of trying so would love to talk to him about that!