Content has become a vital component in informing consumers purchasing decisions.

As a result, over a third of UK brand budgets are now channelled towards content strategies while over half (53%) plan to raise their budgets over the next 12 months; with this is in mind, it’s no wonder content marketing is expected to become a $300 billion industry by 2019.

In light of the channel’s continued success, PerformanceIN has teamed up with affilinet to present the Advertisers’ Guide to Content Marketing 2017, a quick-read guide to brush up on content marketing types, strategy and the channel in practice.

According to affilinet’s affiliate development manager, Mary Ellen Cotter, the time has never been more right to invest in an airtight content strategy as it takes an increasingly dominant portion of wider brand strategy.

“While a strong TV campaign or a series of billboard adverts would have been enough to push your brand in front of an audience ten years ago, it is not enough to drive sales in 2017,” said Cotter.

“Content marketing taps into an audience that is not readily accessible to brands; it is an audience whose purchases are driven by the level of trust placed in the brand, and how engaged that brand is with their customers.”

The Guide provides a starting point for marketers looking to learn more about the channel or those simply looking to brush up their knowledge. Download your Guide to Content Marketing 2017 here.