Mobile ad platform Taptica has acquired Tremor Video’s demand-side platform (DSP) in a deal worth $50 million.

While the position of the San Francisco-headquartered Taptica remains strong, Tremor Video’s brand value and awareness are expected to help increase its presence in US digital advertising and “create a powerful market force”.

“Additionally, Taptica has found itself perfectly positioned both geographically and culturally to bridge the East and West, and our extensive business relationships in the APAC region and beyond will allow us to grow Tremor Video DSP globally,” commented Taptica’s CEO, Hagai Tal.

The deal will see Taptica support Tremor’s DSP offering with a precise understanding of user behaviour based on its 220 million user profiles and over 100 data points on each, as well as continuous investment in the business.

The platform will operate as Taptica’s independent division led by Tremor Video’s president of buy platforms, Lauren Wiener.

The deal is Taptica’s second acquisition this year, as the company purchased Japanese mobile ad firm Adinnovation earlier this year to further expand its APAC footprint.

Programmatic video mergers and acquisitions saw a gold rush in 2016 following an increasing demand for targeted video advertising and publishers turning to programmatic platforms. Last year, ​eMarketer predicted programmatic video to account for 60% of total digital video spend in the US.