AdCombo had just 14 days to generate as much traffic for partner Flekosteel in Serbia. Using native ad platform Outbrain, here’s how we achieved $9,031 in revenue from a $5,000 budget.


We had $5,000 budget for the ad campaign, Outbrain as an ad network to buy traffic from, and ready-to-use Adcombo pre-landing pages, landing pages and products. is one of the best native ad platforms on the market, however, you will get one of the strictest moderations in your entire affiliate marketing life. This ad platform is famous for its mission: giving their audience the best of the best and living up to their expectations. One of the top managers of the company, Ori Lahav, has been talking about this motto non-stop for 11 years. But let’s get down to business!

If you choose this ad network or something similar (such as Taboola or Adblade) you should be ready to fight fiercely for your ad campaign. This fight will be on two fronts at the same time: against moderators for your desired content, and against competitors for your audience. If you win the fight, the pay off is very high-value traffic, evidenced through the long-time loyalty of clients such as CNN and Washington Post. So, there are no limits for the brave and we took on the challenge.


‘Mortal Kombat for the creative materials’…

For five days our creative materials were being declined by moderators over and over again; sports pics, pics with food – none of them were accepted. If you are going to work with this ad network, read its guidelines carefully – the main power an affiliate marketer has, in this case, is persistence. So, we kept going to strain moderation’s patience and sent our creative materials repeatedly. Our efforts were not in vain, and after two weeks, finally got the creative materials which we had at the very beginning accepted. You can see similar examples below:

‘Perseverance and patience’

Our triumph didn’t last long; our creative materials couldn’t get enough traffic at the beginning, so CTR (click-through rate) was very low while the bid price was high. However, we were fortunate enough to have good pre-landing pages and the landing page of the product that AdCombo provides their customers with. Thus, it was enough to make a good profit without wasting time making our own pages. We saved a lot of our energy and money owing to this. You can see these pages below:

After our CTR got higher and bid price dropped, conversion rates became high as well (thanks, AdCombo for a good landing page).


‘Profitable Combo’

After our ad campaign was approved, we continued adding our creative materials. Our main purpose was to get a much lower bid price to enable us to work with profit.

Users started clicking on our ad, CTR became great, and so we achieved the lowest bid price – 3 cents per bid – Bingo! Our campaign started to bring in good profit – $4,000, or almost 0.8 ROI (Return on Investment).

To cut a long story short, our combo is:

  1. A good native ad network with strict moderation and high-quality traffic, in this case, Outbrain.
  2. Good AdCombo Nutra offer for a low-competitive market.
  3. Perseverance and patience (the affiliate marketer’s trait) to get approved and reach the lowest price per bid (3 cents), and following one week with no profit.
  4. Affiliate network’s prepared pre-landing and landing pages of the product. This guarantees a good conversion rate. The result of good creative materials was a high approval rate (65.94%) as well.
  5. Not a bad result: $4,000 profit!

You can see more detailed statistics about this campaign and more at the link below.

Good luck with AdCombo offers!