Following seven years of commercial collaboration, ad tech company AppNexus and analytics and tech firm Media iQ have grown their programmatic advertising business over 100%, driving $250 million in revenue, according to a recent update.

Building on AppNexus’ services, Media iQ created predictive models and audience targeting, which then help the company deliver data insights for advertiser clients while growing its programmatic offering.

AppNexus’ CEO, Brian O’Kelley, commented the company is “deeply committed” to providing marketers with solutions as efficient as, for instance, Facebook.

“Pioneers like Media iQ have harnessed our technology platform to build tools that align with their clients’ goals and deliver sophisticated campaigns at scale that grow smarter over time,” he added.

While AppNexus doubles its investment in machine learning solutions to benefit marketers and agencies, Media iQ will carry on working on innovations in activating data-driven campaigns for its clients.   

“AppNexus has truly built a business on which we can in turn build and scale our business, and we are extremely excited to grow alongside their team,” explained Media iQ’s CEO, Gurman Hundal.

The companies will continue the partnership and following ECI Partners’ investment in Media iQ, the tech company will further improve its product development and push for rapid growth into new regions, building on AppNexus’ global reach.

O’Kelley believes both firms are “sophisticated technology companies” and shared the same commitment to empowering marketers and agency through improving programmatic buying.

“I am excited to see what innovation our partnership will produce in the near future,” he concluded.