Glispa has launched a new mediation and programmatic solution, Avocarrot, to help app developers better control and monetise their apps.

The new supply-side platform is built on tech used in the former version of Avocarrot and Glispa’s previous mediation solution Ampiri; the advertising platform is aiming to monetise in-app ads programmatically and manually using one tool.

TechWorm reported that according to the company, the new and revamped Avocarrot will offer previously unavailable options, building on what the two original solutions brought in. Apart from having the freedom to customise display ad offerings on publishers’ apps, app developers and owners will be able to monitor monetisation at a higher level.

Glispa’s CRO, Itamar Benedy, believes the new platform brings several unique aspects to the market. 

“Firstly, we offer a transparent marketplace with “see-through” mediation waterfalls and RTB exchange revenue metrics, making monetisation simple and giving developers the control they need. Avocarrot is a one-stop-solution for all app monetisation needs for mobile app developers, and we utilise sophisticated machine learning algorithms for RTB exchange and mediation waterfall optimisations,” he explained.

The same source has also revealed that according to the group, what makes the company different is Glispa’s Audience Platform (GAP), a tool which created to target audiences with exceptionally high precision. That, in turns, results in more efficiency for publishers; something many big players currently struggle with.

Avocarrot was acquired by the Berlin-based group last year following the buyout of mobile ad mediation platform MoneyTap, now integrated into Ampiri, and Brazilian-based Mobils, in a move to become the go-to marketing platform for app and game developers.