The advertising network of Marie Claire Group, GMC Media has strengthened its existing partnership with ADYOULIKE with the launch of a new programmatic native advertising private marketplace (PMP) in France.

The partnership will allow GMC Media to offer its native programmatic inventory to advertisers as well as trading desks, using ADYOULIKE’s supply side platform (SSP), developed from its “Native Lab” for the commercialisation of its programmatic native campaigns. This PMP will allow trading desks to programme and optimise, in real-time, their native campaigns.

“This type of integrated format fully respects the user experience and is an essential element for brands. Seeing ADYOULIKE’s high level of native expertise it seemed an evident choice to have them as our SSP to help us provide a new dimension to our native offer,” said Elodie Bretaudeau-Fonteilles, executive director at GMC Media, Marie Claire Group.

GMC Media offers the advertising industry a unique offering within the female segment of the market by developing multichannel media offerings that are fully customised regarding themes such as beauty, fashion, parenting, lifestyle and food.

This new initiative further consolidates a partnership of more than four years based around the creation of campaigns and the monetisation of the native advertising inventory of Marie Claire Group’s websites, (including Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan).

This new collaboration reinforces the expertise of GMC Media in native advertising and programmatic, thereby benefiting from ADYOULIKE’s know-how, leveraging its position as a commercial and technological leader in the French market of native advertising.