Retargeting and display specialist MainAd has today launched ‘Logico’ – technology which will “extend the benefits” of bespoke programmatic campaigns using machine learning.

The company’s co-founder and COO, Piero Pavone, believes the launch will allow MainAd to combine the precision of AI with programmatic advertising, which in consequence will allow for improved data-based decision making when bidding for inventory.

“Data is at the core of any business, and our ability to extract and utilise it using machine learning capabilities will provide a strong foundation to build successful ad campaigns,” he added.

According to the group, the tech will mix machine learning to gather information from data sets in order to predict customer behaviours and patterns. This means brands will be able to process information in real time, using it to engage with consumers and influence bidding protocols.

At the core of Logico’s bidder element are Google’s Open Bidder API (beta) and the Google Compute Engine. This allows MainAd to custom-make real-time bidding solutions to individual clients.

According to Pavone, this tailored approach is just what the industry needs at a time of skepticism around programmatic in advertising.

“Programmatic has, perhaps unfairly, found itself at the centre of recent issues in the advertising industry. To combat this we must empower clients to take a tailored approach to ad delivery, allowing micro decisions to be made on macro data, on petabyte scale,” he explained.