Historically a loosely regulated, “wild west” industry, influencer marketing is enjoying unprecedented popularity among marketers in 2017; the consumer’s growing preference for “authentic” trusted opinion married with advances in standardisation and campaign measurement has transformed the channel into a versatile and viable option for the ROI-driven marketer.

“Over the last few years, influencer marketing has grown exponentially and opened up new opportunities for brands to reach and engage their target audience through the content they are already consuming,” said Abi Jacks, director of marketing at Rakuten Marketing, adding that “relatively new” developments are not without challenges.

Your Guide to Influencer Marketing

With these challenges in mind, PerformanceIN has teamed up with Rakuten Marketing to bring you the Guide to Influencer Marketing 2017, an up-to-date, how-to resource for performance marketers completely new to the channel, or those simply looking to tighten up or increase budgets for the remainder of the year.

In the new guide, which forms the latest instalment of the Advertiser’s Guide to Performance Marketing 2017, Rakuten Marketing has tapped into its extensive experience running influencer campaigns to present actionable advice on launching effective and highly-targeted influencer promotions.

Available to download now, the resource includes a breakdown of key points to consider, including how to set the correct objectives and KPIs for your campaign, finding the right “voice”, as well as up-to-date tips for content creation, including disclosure and the move towards performance payment.

The performance marketing network also pays a particular focus to measurement, dependent on whether the advertiser’s goals are brand awareness, new customers, engagement or sales and revenue, revealing all advice in action in a leading case study with online fashion brand Lipsy.

Download your Advertiser’s Guide to Influencer Marketing today.