PerformanceIN and Rakuten Marketing have teamed up to bring you the Advertiser’s Guide to Display Marketing in 2017, a resource for informing spend and strategy on a channel which constituted 37% of UK digital ad spend last year.

The launch of the resource marks the first of release of the return of the Advertiser’s Guide to Performance Marketing 2017, which remains open for further contributions as the year progresses, and will be released as a comprehensive overview of performance marketing at the end of 2017.

In this first instalment, Rakuten Marketing provides an overview of the channel’s current performance that – securing £3.76 billion in spend last year in the UK – continues to prosper, despite recent concerns over brand safety and the ongoing impact of ad blockers.

This is owed in part to the boom in mobile consumption, where display is poised to take a potential three-quarters of spend by 2020, as well as innovations towards improving user experience with new formats designed to fit seamlessly and offer added contextual value to surrounding content.

“Emphasis has shifted”

Taking these developments and more into account, The Advertiser’s Guide to Display Marketing contains advice on which strategies are the most effective for your objectives and how to benchmark performance for continued optimisation in today’s media ecosystem, helping marketers get to grips with the state of play of the display industry in 2017.

“Emphasis has shifted from using display to reach as many people as possible, to instead focus on ensuring resources are spent on accurately identifying how best to engage the right type of customer at the right time,” commented Rakhee Jogia, regional director of Rakuten Display Europe at Rakuten Marketing.

“As the modern consumer journey becomes increasingly complex, and as investment in display advertising continues to grow, it’s vital that marketers understand how their display campaigns best fit into their marketing mix and the value display activity can offer.”

The complimentary Advertiser’s Guide to Display Advertising can be downloaded today, or contact our sales team for information on how to get involved in the Advertiser’s Guide to Performance Marketing 2017.

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