Verto Analytics has revealed that while the health and fitness sector is dominated by smartphone usage, property is king on tablet.

The new study on cross-device behaviour surveyed nearly 5,000 adults in the UK to reveal how much time users spend on different devices in regard to specific sectors.

As it turns out, smartphones are the device of choice for visiting content related to sports and health & fitness – such as Fitbit and the NHS – and people, family and lifestyle sites – such as Netmums and BBC Good Food.

Technology and government & law sites are seeing the most screen time on desktop, while property is most often accessed via tablet. What the study proves, says Verto Analytics’ CEO, Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, is that advertisers and media owners need to adapt their strategies in line with how users naturally expect to consume them.

See the infographics below for the detailed breakdown of user behaviour for each sector and device.