Affiliate network has today launched Real Attribution, a product allowing its clients the choice to operate on a variety of attribution models.

The technology means advertisers can automatically remunerate “multiple publishers and touch-points per transaction” within the affiliate channel, in a market that has so far been largely dominated by last-click attribution.

“Advertisers can now reward all publishers involved in the customer journey by attributing commission, whether they’re initiating, assisting, or converting,” said TradeTracker.

Advertisers on the network’s books can now opt between five attribution models. These still include last click, or “last touchpoint”, alongside “first touchpoint”, “position-based”, “linear model”, “custom model” and “time decay”.

Reclaiming content

These additional options, says TradeTracker, accommodate an increased push by brands towards upper-funnel content publishers who have been put of affiliate marketing owed to fixed CPA (Cost per Action) and CPM (Cost per Mille) fees, and have been unable to claim the last-click ranking.

“A key outcome of Real Attribution is the ability for publishers to cooperate in achieving the conversion, instead of competing for the last click,” commented TradeTracker CEO, Paul van Doorn.

“Attribution really unlocks the full capacity of the network and delivers truly unrivalled performance. I am sure that Real Attribution will bring a revolution to the affiliate market, as this is the holy grail everyone has been waiting for”.

In the wake of the launch, TradeTracker is confident the new product will “open up doors” for renewed cooperation with the largest publishers, who have up until now generally worked on fixed-fee commission models.