Over a quarter (26%) of global media will be consumed on mobile by 2019, according to a new study by Zenith in its international Media Consumptions Forecast.

The figure marks an increase from 19% in 2016 and follows mobile internet consumption rising 44% a year between 2010 to 2016 as a combined result of technology advances, mobile-optimised content and wider availability of mobile phones.

In the UK, media consumed on mobile appears lower – expected to reach just 22% by 2019. That’s despite mobile internet usage leaping up from 13 minutes a day to 128 minutes each this year.

With mobile overtaking desktop to be the ‘device of choice’ in 2015, the report also found that it will account for 71% of all internet consumption this year. North America and Asia Pacific are the leaders here, where a respective 76% and 75% of browsing time is spent on mobile.  

With the mobile market maturing, however, Zenith says the growth of mobile internet use is slowing to an estimated rate of just 1% each year until 2019.

Ousting traditional media?

Despite the findings focusing on the online world, traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, cinema and outdoor advertising aren’t disappearing just yet.

Zenith’s research has revealed that broadcast TV remains – and is expected to stay – the largest medium when it comes to consumption time with an average of 170 minutes of viewing a day this year, outrunning the internet at 140 minutes. Yet, this difference is expected to narrow to seven minutes in 2019.

However, the study has also found that although traditional media accounts for 69% of global media consumption this year, the time consuming these will decrease from 364 minutes in 2010 to 316 minutes in 2017.