Next week, PerformanceIN will be launching the Advertiser’s Guide to Performance Marketing, a continuation on our well-regarded annual resource, contributed to by a roster of respective leaders.

Aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of paid-by-results marketing’s many forms to prospective brands considering the practices, these resources are also a bite-sized solution for marketers seeking to brush up knowledge and explore further elements of the wider industry.

Unlike in previous years, we’ll be releasing the guide section-by-section throughout the remainder of the year, meaning that you can opt in more easily to the areas that interest you, whether that’s display advertising, influencer marketing, affiliate, programmatic, among a wealth of other areas.

If you want to be a part of this year’s Advertiser’s Guide to Performance Marketing, setting yourself up as a leader in your sector and receiving the additional benefits of publishing your own guide on PerformanceIN, it’s not too late to get involved.

Display sets the stage

Performance marketing network Rakuten Marketing is set to kick the series off with the Advertiser’s Guide to Display Advertising, drilling down into an industry that seems to never truly falter, growing over 17% in 2016 in the UK according to the IAB/PwC, and constituting £3.76 billion in ad spend.

Within the guide, Rakuten Marketing addresses which display strategies are right for your objectives, whether that’s prospecting, retention, retargeting or branding, and what measures should be in place to make sure you’re benchmarking success and driving the most value out of your spend.

The display leader also touches on the issues of transparency which have plagued digital marketing headlines over the last few months, while breaking down all advice into a real-world example with an award-winning online children’s retailer.