Affilinet’s UK managing director and long-time affiliate industry ambassador, Helen Southgate, has today (May 24) announced her departure from the affiliate network. 

Details of her next position have not been confirmed, while Alwin Viereck – a member of the network’s international management board – will serve in the interim while the network seeks a replacement. 

The announcement was made in affilinet’s partner newsletter, where Southgate commented that it is “with a sad heart” that she had made the decision to leave the company to “pursue a new venture”. Within the email, she spoke of her pride in building the network during the tenure.

“We [now] have nearly 30 employees and a turnover that is more than threefold. We have worked to develop exceptional affiliate programmes for our advertisers and supported all types of affiliates to add value to our programmes.”

Southgate’s seat at the head of affilinet and extensive career within performance marketing across roles at BSkyB, DGM and Silvertap has enabled her to become a respected and leading commentator on the state of the performance marketing industry over the years. 

This experience backed her return to chair the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Performance Marketing Council (PMC), and it’s understood she’ll continue to commit to this position in the wake of the departure. 

Speaking on her interim successor, Southgate said, “Knowing the UK team and having worked with Alwin over several years, I am certain that the new structure will lay the foundation for the continued success of affilinet in the UK.”

Viereck has 15 years of experience in the online marketing industry, and in his five years at affilinet his focus has been on product management, strategy and marketing communications. In 2014 he became a member of the group’s management board.

Supporting him in the role will be Vicky Bruce, head of client services, and Richard Greenwell, head of affiliate development and operations, to ensure the continued provision of high-quality account management services.