Following its recent acquisition by Viant, self-service platform for programmatic advertising Adelphic has partnered with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to drive viewability and brand safety. This makes Adelphic one of the first demand-side platforms (DSPs) to integrate these insights and enable access to them within its platform.

Aiming to increase safety for brands and advertisers, the offering is available across channels encompassing all of Adelphic’s supply partners, enabling marketers to reach audiences through video, display and native – on desktop and mobile.

Viewability verification is the last piece in Adelphic’s puzzle aiming to offer a comprehensive targeting and measurement solution. The company has already leveraged IAS data integration for fraud prevention, viewability, brand safety and ad traffic quality verification.

The new development has not only closed the loop between targeting and measurement but also reduced the number of steps needed for campaign optimisation. CEO at Viant, parent company of Adelphic, Tim Vanderhook, has highlighted clients focus on performance and quality, and a streamline workflow will be key in saving time to launch campaigns.

“Adding IAS’ pre-bid viewability and reporting metrics to the Adelphic dashboard further enhances our people-based DSP, which is capable of running cross-channel campaigns that reach more than 1 billion consumers worldwide,” he explained.

Offering viewability reporting at the creative, site and exchange levels, Adelphic provides an exceptional standard of verification and additional optimisation. The company’s experience of bringing advancements in cross-device as well as people-based tech is why IAS’ SVP business development and platform solutions, Harmon Lyons, believes Adelphic is the “ideal partner”.

“As Integral Ad Science expands and enters new markets, our focus is to continue offering our customers unique capabilities that ensure their campaigns are reaching the right people in the right environments,” he concluded.

Since the integration, Adelphic’s video viewability lifted to 70%, a high rate compared to the 58% average reported by IAS’ H2 2016 Media Quality Report.